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Our friends

Those, whose labor of passion and love for their land, provide us with their produce. These are our friends, artisans aiming at getting the best our land can offer.

Sara Esposito, at her dairy farm “Regali Rurali” cares for her animals, grows her produce, and manufactures her products, according to sustainable methods, using innovative techniques and old Fundamental agricultural traditions, aiming with great intelligence, at constantly perfecting them. She has been working at recovering areas, abandoned for decades, bringing them back to life, always with respect to the enviornment

Tel:+39 0565 935 596  Mobile: +39 392 9426 473 info:

Trambusti Aldo has been farming and caring for is livestock, following natural methods, avoiding the animal byproducts feed and chemical products, such as fertilizers and poisons, obtaining completly genuine products. This is made possible thanks to intense labor and great passion for his land.

Tel:+39 056595470  info:

Zini Alfio and his family provides meat and cured meats. Quality has made of this butcher shop, an istitution in Portoferraio for generations.

Tel:+39 0565 917200



Via dell'Amore 48, 57037

Portoferraio, Italy


Open from 6pm to 2am    

Reservations - +39 0565 916240

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